Understanding and choosing your houseplants

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Understanding and choosing your houseplants

More and more of you are falling into the world of plants and at the beginning it is not always easy to find your way back to the world of plants on your own...

For those who would be tempted to slip a "Yes, but I don't have a green thumb, so no plants at home! "we'll stop you right away:

We don't believe in stories about green fingers! 

At What The Flower, we are convinced that anyone can have a green thumb at home, even you who are desperate after killing so many cacti and ficus!

Gardening is all about knowledge, appeal and feeling! 

Before you see a real little jungle proliferating in your home, there are a few basic elements to understand so that everything goes well and your protégés can blossom peacefully in your home.

The first thing to bear in mind is that a plant is not just a trendy decorative object to be placed in a corner.

It has needs, and once you've adopted it, it's up to you to make sure it's healthy! 

The first thing to do is to identify your plant.

Because of their origins, each plant has different needs, whether in terms of light, water, soil... 

Without her name, (unless you are already an outstanding gardener) it is difficult for you to know her needs and without knowing her real needs you may be groping around for a long time before you understand your new roommate! 

Once you've found the name of your plant, you'll be able to easily identify its needs:

What type of light exposure does it need?

What substrate and type of pot do I need to provide it with?

How often should I water it? 

Does it need a damp or dry atmosphere?

What nutrients should I give it? 

These 5 questions will be fundamental for the good growth of your plant! 

The What The Flower team will help you find your way around by creating care sheets for each of your plants, giving you all the advice you need to ensure that your plant grows in the best possible conditions and that you are as comfortable as possible with it! 

You will also find various articles on this blog to help you understand and take perfect care of your plants.